Schedule change – P3 – BAFI 521, BAUL 501 & BASC 511

We have made some changes to the Period 3 schedule that we wanted to make you aware of in case it impacts your registration choice for that Period.

In response to significant demand from your class, we have moved two modules in Period 3 in order to enable students, particularly those interested in Finance, to take a combination of 3 modules: BAFI 521 Financial Modeling, BAUL 501 Real Estate Investment Analysis and BASC 511 Supply Chain Design.

The only way for us to make all of these modules available to students was by moving BAFI 521 Financial Modeling to Mon/Wed 8am-10am, and BAUL 501 Real Estate Investment Analysis to Mon/Wed 4pm-6pm. Please see the updated schedule for these changes.

We realize that these changes may be an inconvenience to some students who were planning on taking BAFI 521 in the 4pm-6pm time slot. We hope that those students will appreciate that this change will benefit a number of their classmates, and also keep in mind that while 8am is an early start to the day, the module classes only last for 5 weeks, so it’s not a change that will impact for too long.

Juggling a schedule such as ours with such a large number of elective modules is a challenge, and we don’t make changes lightly. We feel that these changes will benefit a significant number of students, and we thank you in advance for your understanding.

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