The Economics of Educational Technology

We decided to create a wiki to embed our project consisting of the following pages:

1. Introduction and Navigation Description (Steph)
2. Survey put together by Stephanie. We each need to send her one question about our articles that could be answered by agree or disagree.
3. Puryear article summary and Economics of Scale video with one question (Stephanie)
4. Prezi, Linux and NConnections videos. (Helen) The prezi would summarize all three articles about Open Source. Helen is summarizing one article, Brian and Kyle are asked to do the other two. Each summary should include one question.
5. Aurini article and privatization video (Steph)
6. Culminating activity explanation – ask our peers to respond to this question, “The Economics of Ed. Tech. is…..because…” in their blogs but post their links under one db thread entitled “Culminating Activity”.
7. Resource page (?)

All of the above pages will link back to the discussion boards for people to answer our questions.

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