Post on your blog something that includes either a question you are left pondering or an observation you’d like to make regarding Spirituality and Educational Technology or how this course has brought Educational Technology into focus for you.

Something I am still questioning is if people are replacing their natural desire for God with technology.  As a Christian, I believe that we are all born with an innate thirst for a relationship with God, our Maker.  I see that often we take up idols to try and satisfy this empty space inside ourselves.  People, including myself, often turn to short term pleasures to bring themselves happiness.  With God, we are to experience life more peacefully so that we don’t necessarily get on a roller coaster of emotions when reacting to what is happening around us.  Instead, we are to maintain a balance with conscious thought and prayer.  I don’t yet have this ability.

For me, I feel most at peace when I’m snowboarding.  I have heard other snowboarders refer to snowboarding as a spiritual experience or religion.  Of course, I learn much from church but don’t feel as connected to God as I do when I’m alone on a mountain.  I wonder if people can find God through technology as I can with snowboarding?  If so, what would that experience look like?  What technologies would allow for that to happen?

More and more people have addictions to their blackberry, ipod, cell phone etc. but this would be different.  These connections to God make me feel grateful, insignificant, elated and overwhelmed.  I would guess that an expereince with technology can not, as of yet, do that but I’m sure that the content certain technologies holds could.

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