Identifying Social Influencers

Identifying Influencers isn’t an exact science and there are numerous ways to identify the right influencers for your company. However, there are a number of categories that companies can form a metric in order to search for the right kind of influencers.

1. They have Massive Reach – this can be gauged by their affiliates, the number of followers or friends and how many social media channels they are active on.

2. The Production of Content – content creation keeps people engaged and the frequency allow people to come back and forth to the influencer. Creating the right content and variety is also key.

3.They Listen and Reply – churning out content constantly is an important feature but it is crucial that they listen and provide compelling information to users. This can come in the form of retweets, linkedin discussions and replying to user feedback to content and

4. Natural Recruiters – often key influencers might be involved with advocating a certain theme and often push for events related towards their aims. (eg. volunteering for conferences or technology)


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