E-Marketing Spotlight: Tis the Season to Buy Online!


With boxing day coming soon, you find your sitting in front of your computer with blanket then lining up in front of Best Buy this winter. Holiday shoppers continued to show surprising interest in purchasing their gifts online with a surprising 10% increase in people planning to buy things online.

Shoppers mainly look online to compare prices a lot more quicker than running around town to search for deals but also to easily compare prices with Amazon and other retailers. The online aspect make it easy for certain products like durable goods and the easy transaction allows consumers to spend their boxing day in their warm home while still getting all that they desire. A surprising number of people are also looking for online reservations for products that can be picked up later. Retailers see potential to producing sales to not over load their cash register on the day of boxing day. This allows them to expand the number of sales they can process while also still meeting the demand of shopper that line up. It also pressures retailers to engage in more price competitive schemes online and gauge accordingly.


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