Too Many Marketricks?

I read a recent blogpost about the almost unethical marketing techniques of most clothing brands. The blogger focuses on how unrealistic images portrayed in adverts deceive audiences to believe that is what the ideal person looks like. Customers begin to identify the brand with the intentionally advertised “attractiveness” so that when customers buy from the company, they feel like they are joining the “attractive” segment of the population. A very good example stated in the blogpost is that of Abercrombie & Fitch, which only uses images of very skinny good looking models for their adverts. Customers start to believe that, THAT is what perfect looks like.

Similarly, cosmetic companies are known for exaggerated marketing. When I watch some the adverts on TV, I wonder if these strategies can be considered ethical. It is very likely that customers are deceived and believe that it is actually possible to appear that perfect by using those products. Let’s face it, these companies are not being very honest or fair.

Recently, a L’Oreal ad was banned for going overboard with image manipulation. The overdose of airbrush was not accompanied by any messages mentioning that the product alone was not solely responsible for the flawless image. And even though consumers might be aware of these little tricks, it does not give companies the right to continue deceiving!

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