An Interview with the Vancouver Sun about ‘Oldness’

At the Vancouver Sun, arts editor Aleesha Harris posed some questions to me about Oldness, and I was both grateful for her interest and happy to respond.
Here’s part of “Author Q&A: Vancouver Writer’s New Book About ‘Becoming Older and Realizing Your Social Capital Has Shrunk'”—

It’s not always easy getting old. Vancouver author Brett Josef Grubisic explores this point, in a delightfully disarming way, in his latest work Oldness; or, the Last-Ditch Efforts of Marcus O.
The novel follows a man named Marcus who grapples with life in his mid-60s, including dating, revenge and more — not always with the greatest grace.
We caught up with Grubisic to learn more about the book, aging and the one thing we can all see in Marcus that can likely be found within ourselves:
Q: How would you describe Oldness, or the Last-Ditch Efforts of Marcus O, in three words?
A: Gee, that’s tough. Brevity isn’t my first instinct. How about this: ‘Wisdom despite oneself.’

The rest of the interview can be found here.


Review #3 for Novel #4

Nancy Wigston’s review of Oldness in the Toronto Star ends with this:

“Grubisic’s take-no-prisoners assault on academia, loneliness, western real estate – all our current craziness – arrives like a satirical tsunami, earning its place among the finest dystopias.”

The rest can be found here.