Culture Jam Assignment


In our society today, appearance is one of the major factors that come into play for relationships with your intimate partner. I chose to use this Proactiv ad that highlights by having acne, one should go ask their boyfriend what to do. However, since you probably do not have a boyfriend to ask due to your acne, by using Proactiv will help you relief of that problem. The use of this product is suppose to help clear up your acne setback and help you get on your way to achieving a boyfriend. This ad gives the vibe that our society is so based on looks and perfection that even obtaining a relationship with someone is based on how you look and not on the other factors that could affect your attraction. All other factors such as personality and the independence of not wanting a intimate partner is not portrayed in this ad.

The world of social media and social networks has worked hard to promote an image of perfection to the general public as a goal to reach. The expectation of female beauty and the representation of what a beautiful woman should be like are conveyed through this ad by having perfect skin and no imperfections. By having acne, one is deemed to be unworthy of having a boyfriend and is no longer on the market to be in a relationship. The problem I will be addressing in this jamming assignment is to break through this stereotype and message that only by obtaining perfect physical appearance can a woman have an intimate relationship with a man. This ad focuses solely on the image of woman and what they should look like in order to be approved by society.


In this new version of the Proactiv ad I created, I changed the bold letters of not having a boyfriend to “Having acne does not define you”. The main purpose of this alteration is for the reader to understand that by having acne it does not mean this will stand in the way of what you want to achieve. This can include obtaining a boyfriend or other goals such as a dream job or the life you want to live. In mainstream culture media, the perfection of women is often shown through magazines and TV shows. In these forms of media, the woman is shown to be perfect and female sizes are contained to a certain form. Rarely do we see facial pores or acne on the faces of the woman on mainstream magazines.

The views of beautiful and attraction should not be focused on an individual’s physical attraction but instead on non-superficial factors. I hope the new message of having acne does not define who you are will inspire woman around the world to love their own bodies and not be shamed for having imperfections. This is also an issue that should be discussed and spread out through mainstream media so young girls will grow up with an positive image of what it means to be beautiful and confident in their own skin. Acne is a problem that everyone in our society will face and this should not be a stop sign for woman to have relationships or any other goals they want to chase.