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Industry Canada Aboriginal Intangible Property in Canada: An Ethnographic Review

The review looks at customary property rights of a cross section aboriginal peoples of  various regions throughout Canada (Northwest coast, plains, arctic, sub-arctic)  The review concludes that customary protocols and laws exist with respect to intangible property and that they play important social and economic roles in aboriginal communities.

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Bridging Canada’s Digital Divide: First Nations’ access to new information technologies

This article, written in 2001, is an interesting read. It is noted that geographic or social isolation, high costs and lack of infrastructure contribute to a digital divide between First Nations people and other Canadians.  It looks at the historical context of the digital divide and how it dates back to Canada’s colonial history.

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Aboriginal Expression in the Arts and Media
This website was created by MediaSmarts, which is a non-profitable organization in Canada that teaches about media literacy.  The website covers various topics such as “common portrayals of aboriginal people”, “aboriginal people in the news”, as well as “the impact of stereotyping on Young People”.  This website provides valuable information to both teachers and students, and teach them about how aboriginal culture is portrayed in Canada.