An Introduction

Hi everyone,

My name is Danielle, or “Dani” for short. I chose Arts One because I enjoy reading and writing. I’m looking forward to meeting people and making friends and improving my writing.

Honestly, writing this ‘intro post’ is a challenge (I’ve made several drafts now and none of them seems remotely satisfying). I was never really talented at telling people all about myself in one post, but I suppose I must get better at it from now on.

As for my interests…I’m really into artsy things, like music, film, visual arts, and theatre. I hope that I can express myself in any of these forms aside from the written word. I also hope that I can do something like Humans of New York in the future where I get to travel and interview people about their lives and portray them in photographs and in quotes.

Aside from that, I really like nature. I love going for hikes and long walks with friends. If you’re into the outdoors, just find me and maybe we can go hiking and introduce to each other new trails and stuff and yeah. 🙂



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