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Culture Jam on Sexuality Parallel

Original Add

The Problem:

The problem that I am attempting to address in this culture jamming assignment is that of objectifying hegemonic beauty ideals and making parallels between a women’s sexuality and objects such as cars.

The original add is an Aston Martin car add that depicts what is seen to be the gold standard to western society’s image of beauty and sexuality. With this the add dehumanizes the women in the picture by reducing her sexuality and beauty by paralleling it with that of a used car.

The parallel that is made is basically saying that a used Aston Martin car is still a wonderful car, even though you are not the first owner, and its not a new car.

The dehumanization aspect of the add comes in because she is compared to a used car by using her health and beauty as the parallel, completely ignoring that she a beautiful, healthy looking young women who has thoughts, and feelings, and who has a story behind her as to why and how she is in the add in the first place.

Add Jam

The New add:

I opted to use this add because I have seen it in the past and it always makes me so angry when I see it. I had to do a fair bit of unpacking to get the words to understand what it was that angered me so much about it. So this is my best attempt to explain myself.

The girl in the ad’s sexuality and beauty in my opinion has been reduced to and paralleled to to the use of an object that can be bought and sold for a fairly high price.

I decided to use the priceless add format which to me shows that her life and the hard work and effort to become that ideal image of beauty came at a cost to her, like the car will to the new owner.

I was also thinking that the format of the priceless add would be conducive to being able to depict the fact that worthy sex has a price, a face, an age, and a worthwhile image; according to mainstream media, yet what goes into all of those things is often hidden.

I depicted in written form all of the things that she had to pay for to look a certain way for the add in an attempt to re-humanize the picture of her, and kind of change it into an add about how to look that good, while making a spoof on Astion Martin’s add and its underlying meaning.