American Fisheries Society Journals: Now on InformaWorld

And what does the move mean for accessing the journals? Previously, we had only a 5-year window of access in most cases. Now, we have access back to 1997 for several titles.

American Fisheries Society journals links have been updated and will appear in the ejornal Portal (the ejournal A-Z list) tomorrow.

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2 Responses to American Fisheries Society Journals: Now on InformaWorld

  1. Hello, Laura:
    Thank you for your comment. Can I suggest you contact InformaWorld [ ] and let them know the frustration you are having? Giving them a specific example will help, and maybe it will lead to them modifying their search interface or open up their “triggering”.
    Expanded access is no good with diminished search capacity, right?
    Good luck,

  2. Laura says:

    It is great to have the increased access, but I find the search feature on Informaworld to be terrible. You can type the exact title, author, year of an article you know to be published by the AFS suite of journals, and yet no results will show. It is very picky about what words trigger as key words.
    Kind of frustrating…

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