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Student journal pieces


“to become true compas is a constant process … which
requires a new sense of self

(Koopmann, 2008: 299, original emphasis, my underlining).

Consciousness in itself is apparently not a sufficient basis to lead to liberation without a healing of one’s personality. The outline above [not included] seems to suggest that involvement of personality, or as Koopmann puts it, the capital ‘Self’, is not merely necessary to building solidarity, but a precondition for it. In our attempt of solidarity building this seems unfortunate to me for two reasons.

First, it implies an individualization, or personalization, of solidarity, where the prime concern no longer is the relationship, but the inner workings of the Self. The process of conscientization is “reverted”, from being group processes to a (politics of) bodily-mental obligation of making solidarity personal. Koopman aims at creating ‘new ways of relating’, that avoids the objectification in enacting solidarity upon, which creates one(‘s) [S]elf as a subject. But becoming ‘true’, ‘a compa’, ‘a voice with’, and ‘accountable’ requires somebody to be true, a compa, etc. to – it requires others, that are different from one(‘s) Self. If solidarity is inverted to a ‘P’ersonal ‘p’olitics, there is hardly anymore any room left for the interpersonal solidarity relation.  …

quoted from the 1st journal.

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You are invited!!

Extracting Truths about Canadian Mining in the Americas: 



Please join us for an evening in solidarity with mining-affected communities in the Americas

Where: Russian Hall, 600 Campbell
When: Sunday, April 22nd
Time: Doors Open @ 5:30 pm
Suggested Donation: $10 (Includes meal + juice) – no one will be turned away

We hope to both educate, raise money and have fun at this fair! Educate people on the international and national abuses of Canadian mining companies and present reasons why mining is now intrinsic in the Canadian economy.

Raise money for the people of San Miguel, Guatemala who are fighting against the Marlin Mine which is a Goldcorp, Vancouver based mining company, owned mine.

Have fun by eating, drinking, talking and dancing with people in our community!

Latin American and First Nations organizations will be attending. They will have booths to sell products, provide information about themselves and present possible opportunities within their organizations. It will give everybody a chance to connect with social justice organizations and see what they are all about!

Our class will talk about our experiences of solidarity with people thousands of kilometers away. With Mining Justice Alliance, we  will provide oppurtunities for people to contact the Canadian government, whether that means writing a letter or attending a protest.

Together with a video,  kids activities, great food, drinks, a raffle,

music and salsa lessons, this evening will be fun for the whole family!

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Preparing for lunch at UBC Longhouse

With lots of energy and goodwill, we chopped and cooked lots of wonderful food: black beans, squash (which took some effort to chop), pico de gallo, and spicy mango salad.


delicious squash


steamy, spicy black beans


our head chef


cutting squash


soo much squash!

Geography 495 is collaborating with the First Nations House of Learning to host a FREE Latin American feast at the Longhouse on Tuesday, April 3rd from 12:30 to 1:30 to promote their letter writing campaign in support of Bill C-323, which seeks to make transnational companies legally accountable for their actions abroad.
Please come to enjoy lunch and sign a letter to your local MP to promote social and environmental justice in Latin America!

For more information on Bill C-323, see this article by Rights Action.

Melanie Schambach, Sara Kendall & GEOG 495 participants after inscribing the mural with messages of solidarity with Guatemalans affected by Canadian mining companies.


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