Throughout this film project we begin to explore the connections between UBC and its investors’ financial decisions, and the ways in which these actors impact lives across the globe. It is our hope that this film will serve as a platform to launch an important discussion about what sort of relationship investment at our university has with the actions of many of our investors, specifically those in the mining industry. We then begin to ask what it means for us as a University to be financially responsible and financially sustainable. We discuss many of these issues with a variety of UBC students, professors, and administration find out how we as a student body and faculty are aware of how the sources for university funding are linked to the actions of our investors. What does this mean in terms of our responsibility when many of these actions come at the expense of the environment, the stability, and the safety of many, specifically those living in rural Latin America?

It is our hope that through these discussions with UBC affiliates and our discussions with Guatemalan Indigenous Activist, Angelica Choc, that we can stimulate an honest conversation regarding our participation as students who, directly or indirectly, accept the financial support of these companies. Ultimately, we hope that this film will bring to light many of the issues surrounding the actions of many UBC financers and what this means on the ground for people like Angelica. It is only through investigation and awareness that we can begin to formulate what we as a student body or as an employee of the University of British Columbia are comfortable participating in through our association with the University and its investors. It is through this awareness we can then begin to understand what actions can be taken to increase Canadian-Latin American solidarity movements, and ultimately initiate the transformation of UBC into a more responsible and mindful “place of mind.”


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