Say No to Noise Pollution


The above image is the original ad campaign by a radio channel in India called 93.5 FM.


In Mumbai, traffic is a major issue due to over population and narrow roads. Apart from this, 80% of the roads are being reconstructed and most of the roads are dug up to build metro trains. This creates chaos during rush hours and drivers often honk drastically during this time. This absurd advertisement by a radio channel called Red FM 93.5 aimed at reducing noise pollution by asking drivers to not honk and instead listen to their radio channel for their entertainment during the chaotic hours.

Using a slogan like “Don’t be Horny” automatically shifts the focus from the main purpose of their advertisement. It seems vague. Noise pollution is not a topic to be taken for granted. India, being the second most populated country and Mumbai being the most populated city in the country needs to adopt serious action in order to stop noise pollution. People need serious awareness of the depth of the issue. Honking is a very light and a not frowned upon issue in India. People often do not look at the side mirrors before taking turns; they just honk and pass. Apart from noise pollution, the word “horny” slyly gives an image of notorious and an easy-going subject. It completely distracts the person from the main subject. Similarly, it also seems to be dangerous because it can easily distract the driver and can lead to accidents. Words in the slogan puts images in a person’s mind, which may start a whole different chain of thoughts in a person’s head. It begs the question whether every driver has a strong enough state of mind to not get distracted by it. Red FM being the most popular radio channel in India should use their fame to educate the citizens on crucial topics that will actually make Earth a better place rather than taking serious issues for granted.

Jammed Version


Mumbai is often called as the city that never sleeps. One of the perils of that is the severe menace of noise pollution in the city. Mumbai has been reported to be the noisiest city in the world, as a result of ever-increasing vehicular traffic and the practice of incessant honking, resulting from the traffic movement. This redeveloped advertisement focuses on the depth of the issue of noise pollution by highlighting on the acts of the viewers/drivers. It suggests the viewers or the drivers to be action oriented and also give them a solution in a straightforward manner that promotes the radio channel as well as acts as a step to reduce noise pollution.

Mass media campaigns leave a huge impact on the society and it is a great platform to bring awareness about serious issues such as noise pollution. My idea behind this jammed version is that listening to radio in rush hours will keep the drivers entertained instead of being impatient and grumpy. This radio channel broadcasts news, gossips, songs, jokes and they have their own entertainment shows that includes pranking people. The idea behind their campaign is great; it promotes their business along with lower noise pollution. But since the word ‘horny’ seems odd and distracting, rephrasing that line with a real solution would do great wonders. Using the frame such as ‘Be a part of solution, not a part of pollution’ begs the question in viewers mind about their action of honking. Giving them an immediate solution for their harmful action makes them want to adopt that solution quicker, which works in both ways; for the environment and as well as the radio channel.


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