Public Relations and Tesla

I found these two links which coincide together: 1, 2.

In summary, the first article details that the stock of Tesla, an automobile company that produces electric cars, dropped by 6.2%. While it is not entirely due to this, it is partially because of a car crash that resulted in a Tesla Model S catching on fire, which raised concerns about the safety of electric cars, as well as the lithium-ion battery inside them. It is important to note that this is the first fire to occur in a Tesla vehicle, after 83 million miles of Model S driving. As well, it was due to a collision. The vehicle also performed as designed as it protected the driver. The second article is from Tesla Motors’ own blog. It basically speaks about the incident and talks about what happened in great detail. Through full transparency and research, I believe that Tesla dealt excellently with what could have been a big blow to public relations. The blog post from Tesla Motors argues that electric vehicles are safer and that Tesla vehicles in particular have been designed to protect the driver in situations like these, and it is most definitely convincing.

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