September 2015

Who is this?

My name is Helen and I’m from Toronto: home of the CN Tower, Drake, and the hockey-team-that-must-not-be-named. Although I do quite miss the skyscrapers and traffic, Vancouver has been nothing but kind to me thusfar, so I’m pretty stoked to be here, especially with a group of bright-minded kids like yourselves and a stack of old books (and Christina, of course).

As for why I chose ArtsOne, I suppose I’ll have to answer with a confession – I’m a bit of an overachiever. You don’t think I can handle a full course load on top of 15 clubs and a part time job? Bring it on. That was my high school career, basically. So when I heard about the challenging pace and workload this course presented, how could I resist? Sleepless nights and over caffeination, here I come!

Joking aside, I also believe that while this course is going to be hard, it’s also going to improve my writing, reading, and critical thinking skills. Pretty excited to read books and to discuss them with you all, too!

I’m the kind of person who loves talking about herself, so before I write a whole autobiography here, I’m going to end by saying that I hope to major in history (it may or may not end up being Classics), so if you’re into that too, hit me up because we’ll be best friends. I mean, we can be best friends even if you’re not into history… maybe?

Anyway, that is me, more or less. I can’t wait to find out who you all are!