img_5013-2Hello world! My name is Helen and I am a second year student studying philosophy and history. I come from the far off land of Toronto, Ontario and I decided to make the jump from there to Vancouver, because why not?

In my first year, I was part of the Arts One program, which is why you may see some of my old blog posts about the texts we worked with in my stream, Seeing and Knowing. Arts One contributed a lot to my understanding of philosophy and, in hindsight, a huge reason why I want to study it now.

I suppose I have always been the inquisitive type, which makes sense as to why I am drawn to philosophy. I really like how philosophy opens my mind up to different concepts and aspects of life, forcing me to confront them with an open and critical mind.

This ePortfolio is a great way for me to take inventory of what I have learned and to showcase my work. Please enjoy!