Culture Jam Assignment – The Real Perfect “Body”

This is a Victoria’s Secret advertisement showing different kinds of lingerie. It is targeted to female consumers and shows eight models who are tall and skinny. This ad was originally designed to promote a new push-up bra called “Body.” However, the use of the slogan “The Perfect ‘Body’” gives the wrong impression to consumers and does not respect consumers’ different body shapes. All of the women pictured in the advertisement have the same have either no body fat or very little. Not only does the image deliver the wrong message of an ideal female body shape, but the accompanying text also indicates that these models have “The Perfect ‘Body’.”

The text “The Perfect ‘Body’” is printed over the image of thin, similarly figured women. This advertisement fails to celebrate the diversity of female bodies by labelling only one body type as perfect. The text emphasizes this unhealthy message by suggesting how women’s bodies should be judged by society. Instead of empowering real women, the advertisement is focused on promoting a wrong perception.

Not only is there little diversity in body shape in this advertisement, but there is also little variation of race and the advertisement does not provide any information about the products (lingerie). The people who created this advertisement should understand that their target audience are young females who often feel pressured to have “The Perfect ‘Body’” like the eight skinny models in the advertisement.

Therefore, I would like to change this advertisement to show the diversity of races and body shapes found in real life.

This is my culture jammed version of the advertisement. In this image, eight women with a variety of body shapes are wearing different kinds of lingerie. The slogan has been changed to “The Real ‘Perfect’ Body.” Compared to the original advertisement, this new version emphasizes women’s diverse body shapes. Even though there is still little racial diversity, in terms of the ‘perfect’ body, the emphasis is no longer on portraying skinny and tall as the ideal standard of beauty. I hope that when people see this new version of the advertisement, they will learn to respect their bodies and appreciate different body types. Since this is a lingerie ad, I would also like to show that no matter what size you are, you deserve underwear that is comfortable, fits you well, and makes you feel beautiful. Finally, I focused on the models’ ages. In the original advertisement, they were all very young, perhaps in their early 20s, but the new version shows women at different stages of their lives.

These days, the media does not put much effort into portraying the beauty of real women. People who create advertisements make women feel insecure about their appearance. Young women and teenagers are particularly vulnerable to the media’s stereotyped messages about beauty, and as a result, they try to do anything to achieve the unrealistic ideal portrayed in ads. The message that the media should be advocating is that appearance and body shape do not define who you are. Many women find the original advertisement difficult to relate to because the models do not look like real women. The new version of the ad presents a positive image of female beauty, which comes in all shapes, sizes, and ages, and can help improve women’s confidence and empower them to love themselves.

Through this new version of the advertisement, I would like to send the message that physical beauty is not as important as inner beauty, in particular confidence in yourself. Beauty does not mean perfection or looking like everyone else. The uniqueness of real women is what makes them really beautiful. We are all unique and beautiful in our own ways.