The Original Ad

Original Ad

An Analysis of the Ad

This ad features Kim Kadarshian and her sisters and they are endorsing Quicktrim, a weight loss formula. According to the add, Quicktrim is effective in burning extra calories. The ad guarantees the target audience that the formula will make it possible for one to reduce  8000 calories every month. Furthermore, the ad guarantees that the formal is three times faster in burning the calories. In the ad, Kim Kadarshian’s quote “I’m slimmer than ever and still eating food I Love!’ is used to convince the audience that Kim Kardashian’ s body is attributed to the use of Quicktrim. By all accounts, Kim Kadarshian is popular and she has many fans both men and women. She is famous because of the show ‘Keeping Up With the Kadarshians”. She has never been shy in parading her nude body on the internet for all people to see it. Arguably, many women  admire her curvy body and using her in this ad was appropriate because many people are struggling with weight issues. This ad may mislead many women that are struggling to reduce weight to try it Quicktrim with the hope that they will have a body that is similar to Kim’s and her sisters. The ad is misleading because it does not include scientific facts to back up the effectiveness of the Quicktrim .Instead , it appeals to the audience by using the slim body shapes. It cannot be  ascertained that truly Kim and her sisters’ body shapes are attributed to the  QuickTrim. Chances are high that she is endorsing the product because of her celebrity status for financial gains. This jamming assignment aims at  emphasizing the role that exercising plays in getting one’s preferred body shapes. The jamming indicates that exercising is more reliable in burning calories than the weight losing formulas.


.Jammed Version of the Ad

Jamming Philosophy
In the jammed version of the ad, the Quicktrim product is obscured because it is a product whose effectiveness in burning calories cannot be ascertained with accuracy. Furthermore, the jammed version emphasizes on exercises as the right way to get “The body you Want’. Going to the gym is an a natural way of losing calories and toning one’s body. Exercises does not have negative side effects because they are natural and they do not entail the use of chemicals. Furthermore, exercising is cheaper when compared to the weight loss formulas. Even though the Quicktrim is endorses by famous woman, it does not mean that they are effective. The only sure way that one can be assured of when it comes to losing weight is being physically active. What is more the ingredients used in the manufacture of the Quicktrim cannot be ascertained to be safe for the body, therefore, it is better to go exercising instead of relying on weight losing formula that could potentially harm the body. Furthermore, regular exercise reduce the chances of suffering from lifestyle diseases such as diabetes. Relying on the unsubstantiated claims from Kim and her sisters may make one to raise hopes about losing wait and having a curvy body. The ad is an illusion because the media features stories about people that have been frustrated after using the Quicktrim. However, exercising cannot be misleading because scientific evidence indicates that one can lose weight as long as he or she exercises regularly. Therefore, instead of relying on the deceptive endorsements, it would be safe to go exercising regularly.