Simple Forest

Hey guys, this has been a long time, but I’ve just been SUPER busy what with that little problem of school, my Ubyssey article, and directing my one act. Hopefully I can have a proper blog post soon, but for now, here’s just a poem I wrote five minutes ago, let me know wacha think 🙂

Running fast through the forests,

Running free

Trees zoom by like water rushing

Trees seeing me

I could run forever,

In this cradle of bloated slivers,

Had I lived a thousand years ago,

Meeting concrete never

I’d run until endless blue shows


Here in the time of happiness

I am free

Here in the time of simplicity,

I can see

The answer to all the clues I was searching

While frozen in the mountains of brick,

And icicles of glass

But here I smell the rich blackness of earth,

And the green fragrance of the whispering trees


So turn the clocks back,

To when the stars were my streetlights,

And trees my homes;

The animals my brothers—not pets—

When drums made of animal hide were the disco,

And sex was never complicated by love

And a person could be willed by instinct alone


This is the character of my misery;

A truth too dark to ever see.

If I could go back, to an ancient day

The chains binding me would burn away,

And only the wind would make me sway

The woods a nest to call my home

The nature of my heartfelt loan

Nothing that man can ever be shown

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