Roommate, or Not?

Hey guys, this has been a ridiculously long time since my last blog post, but things were pretty crazy by the end of last semester for me. First off, of course, is exams, which in the end went actually quite well, but it didn’t stop me from turning into the Hermit that just about everyone does during that time. I noticed around then how crazy people seem to get– it’s one thing to not talk to your friends because you’re so busy, but it’s a totally different matter to steal someone’s laptop the moment they leave the room for the bathroom, or to steal someone’s purse when they left it at the back of the exam room, containing a blackberry and set of house keys. Both these horrible things happened to friends of mine, and I can’t help but wonder, why? Are you that desperate that you’re going to ruin one of your colleague’s lives? I’d like to think that exam time just makes people loopy, and that this isn’t a much, much, larger problem that face value.

Of course, I had my own issues during exam time, myself. I have two roommates in first year res, which can be a problem because, like with me and my two brothers, it seems one roommate is always working with one, and against the other. There have been dramatic moments before between us, involving slammed doors and accusations of theft, but things jumped into the higher gear in the last week of the semester, when both, without going into details, did things that no longer makes me feel safe in my room. So, suffice to say, I told Res Life as fast as I could, and got transferred to a single room. Already, writing this blog post in peace and quiet, I love it. I’m an extroverted person, so I was afraid that coming here would make me feel lonely, but I have lots of friends around Totem and Vanier that I can go to at any time, but I have the much coveted alone time to recharge my batteries and get some sleep– for once!

A roommate should be on the same terms as you, not finding the next way to pull a mean prank. I’m sorry that it had to turn out that way, and I’m going to be a lot more cautious in future years when finding apartments and whatnot, but hey, as my Mom said to me a couple days ago, “one day this is all gonna make a great book”.

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