Jammed Reality

For Cultural Jam Assignment, I am planning to focus on advertisement to discourage irrational violence. Since guns can greatly impact the world, advertisement should be simple and straightforward. Original advertisement has less words but very clear message. I understand advertisement is a marketing scheme to capture audience’s attention and motivate theme to purchase the product. There is nothing to deconstruct. However to bring awareness of safety, I decided to add words.

For now, gun control laws are too impossible to sustain. In June 23, 2016, Democrats took their day to protest by sitting on the House floor. We are frustrated that House Republicans are not willing to support new gun control.

Omar Mateen is a great example. Omar has a long history of bad behaviour and malpractice with his employment. Toxic marriage with his first wife, malpractice with his employment, and was on the FBI watch list. All of these red flags from his background. But he managed to legally purchase the type of AR-15 gun. According to The Huffington Post, two reporters reported it only took 38 minutes to buy an AR-15. This is how easy access is to guns.

National Rifle Association has the great responsibility to control gun usage. However, there are no plans to minimize the access to purchase any type of weapons. In fact, they are very against the opposition. This is a scary situation.

As for now, if you are an owner of a gun shop, I am sending you a message that you should remember you may be giving your weapons to possible terrorist, killers, and other unworthy owners. Our perception on people are different.

The purpose of jammed advertisement is to be a wake up call. The Number of mass shooting is outrageous and something that should be addressed and changed. We need to change the definition of muscularity. Muscularity should not involve violence. Muscularity should have good mind set. Man can consider guns for their protection, SHOULD not for violence or terrorism. Mental health and background check should be strictly required and need to be improved before buyers are licensed. Also, I noticed the original ad states, everyone can be professional to own gun. The font should be big and say be smart with your purchase.

Wake Up Call

Last week (June 7-12), I went to Orlando to visit my family and to enjoy the parks such as Disney World and Universal Studios. The overall trip was the most overwhelming. I woke up two nights with two different crimes: Christine Grimmer and Orlando Pulse Nightclub Shooting. I was in the same state where the worst mass shooting of the United States of America is.

According to CNN, United States of America is considered as home of third most mass shootings in the world. From 1966 to 2012, the number of cases is 90.

Not only mass shootings, there are several gun-related cases. I recall reading heartbreaking news from two big broadcasts (CNN and BBC), celebritiy or entertainment websites (Buzzfeed and PerezHilton) and several social medias (Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram). For example, 6-year-old boy accidentally took a gun and shot his brother while playing “cops and robbers”.

It is understood that democracy provides freedom to all citizens in United States of America.

“The only thing that can stop a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun”

– Wayne Lapierre

However, it is not acceptable that mass shootings and any gun-related cases are mainstream. We have to realize that this is also scary if not taken with corresponding responsibility. One may have the privilege to own a gun but not everyone has the right state of mind and moral values to own a gun. There are some people who owns guns for protection. But there are other people who own guns for other reasons and motivations.

Gun ownership can define character such as “the true man who deserves everyone’s respect”. I chose this advertisement because it says “Consider your man card reissued”. It is simple but straightforward. It encourages people to own their gun and feel their power.

For Cultural Jam Assignment, my role for this project is to remind the important responsibilities of gun owner and bring awareness of safety.

Stay tuned!