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Part 1 : 02-Jan, 07-Jan, 09-Jan, 14-Jan, 16-Jan, 21-Jan, 23-Jan, 28-Jan

Part 2 : 30-Jan, 04-Feb, 06-Feb, 13-Feb, 25-Feb, 27-Feb, 04-Mar

Part 3 : 06-Mar, 11-Mar, 13-Mar, 18-Mar, 20-Mar, 25-Mar, 27-Mar, 03-Apr

Past Notes

Joel Feldman taught Math 267 several years ago. Problem sets and notes are posted on his website, including the following:

Complex Numbers (pdf)
Review of ODEs (pdf)
Fourier Series (pdf)
Periodic Extensions (pdf)
Solutions of the Wave Equation (pdf) and Heat Equation (pdf) by Separation of Variables
The RLC Circuit (pdf)
Fourier Transform (pdf)
Using the Fourier Transform to Solve PDEs (pdf)
Discrete-Time Fourier Series and Transforms (pdf)
Discrete-Time Linear Time Invariant Systems and z-Transforms (pdf)


Good supplementary textbooks:

Elementary Differential Equations & Boundary Value Problems by Boyce & DiPrima is often used at UBC. Chapters 10 & 11 cover the first four weeks of course material.

Schaum’s Outline of Signals and Systems by Hsu. Chapters 1,2,4,5 and 6 cover the later part of the course. It is cheap, available from Amazon, and contains a lot of worked examples. The 2nd edition contains extra chapters not related to the course.

Other references you might find useful:

Signals & Systems by Oppenheim & Willsky is the course textbook for EECE 359. It is available on two-hour loan from the IK Barber library. Chapters 4, 5 & 10 discuss most course topics. Lectures, slides & exercises follow Oppenheim & Willsky’s notation whenever possible.

Signals & Systems with MATLAB by Karris is an online textbook available from the UBC library. Chapters 7, 8, 9 & 10 discuss most course topics, albeit with a different order and emphasis.

Past Midterm 1 Exams

2012, February exam solutions
2011, October exam solutions
2011, February solutions
2010, October solutions
2010, February exam solutions
2009, February exam solutions

Past Midterm 2 Exams

2011, November exam solutions
2011, March solutions
2010, November solutions
2010, March exam solutions
2009, March exam solutions

Past Final Exams (solutions are not available)

2011, December exam
2010, April exam
2009, December exam
2009, April exam
2007, April exam

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