Shopping List: Eggs, Milk, TUTOR

Why hello there world! It’s been a while. For the first time in a long time, I’m won’t be spending my night over a textbook or at the basements of Koerner. Because I’m done with midterms ROUND 1. It’s a week break then BAM more midterms then BAM FINALS. It’s pretty much hardcore from here.

Anyways, a word of advice: AVOID CHEM 233. I got destroyed by the midterm. Like DESTROYED! I don’t think I have ever put in that much effort into a course only to get such a horrible mark. I failed it hardcore and that’s not an asian fail…It’s a FAIL fail. I know a bazillion people looking for tutors about now, so here’s some tips:

1. You are not stupid because you need a tutor.
You’re stupid if you are struggling and you don’t get help. Suck up your pride, pass on that new Aritzia coat and invest that money to something more promising: A better mark!
2. Try the office hours and TAs first.
Often they might be able to put you in the right direction and answer specific questions. But I find that for that continuous ongoing support, give tutoring a try.
3. AMS Tutoring.
Irving 3rd floor. AMS Tutoring From personal experience, it really depends on the other students there… It’s 1 tutor per however many students at a particular table. So it’s hard to get that individual attention when there are 50 different questions at once.
3. It ain’t cheap.
So you should shop around to get the best “bang for your buck.” Have you checked the AMS Tutoring Board in the Basement of the SUB, also look in the corresponding faculty building (I see a bunch of Chem Tutoring ads in the Basement of the Chem Bldg). Also check out: AMS Tutor Registry And I know Craigslist is the one sketchy area of the internet you want to avoid, but maybe give it a look Craigslist Tutoring
4. How to pick?
Looking at the AMS Tutoring website (link above) they say “Ask the tutor for their references or Conduct an interview”… I find that a little too hardcore and honestly who has that much time when you could be ummm… studying?!?!? Most tutors have websites or reviews online, just google it!

Anyone know of any other resources, just email them my way. In the meantime, GOOD LUCK everyone! We can do this. On the bright side, Halloween weekend is only 8 days away and Christmas is only 65 days away!