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  • Mel Ang 6:15 pm on December 16, 2013 Permalink | Reply  

    I’ve graduated!
    Hi readers, if you’re curious to know what I’ve been up to the past 2.5 years and follow my current endeavours, navigating the world after undergrad, I invite you to check out my blog:
    See you on the other side!

  • Mel Ang 12:37 am on March 27, 2011 Permalink | Reply  

    Zipcar: A Review 

    So you’ve seen those cars driving around with the huge “zipcar” logo plastered on the body. Otherwise, you might have seen those zipcar promo people in the SUB with their wheel of fortune thing. Maybe you’re considering being a member of zipcar. Read this before applying. An insider’s guide to what works, what doesn’t work and what to expect.

    The Eligibility
    You have to be at least 19, have a squeaky clean driver’s record and your full license for over a year. No complaints on my end.

    The Application
    Navigate through the website. There’s even a tab for Universities. 30 dollars and a few mouse clicks later, you’re a member (pending approval from zipcar).

    The membership card to drive comes within a week. The website is pretty fool proof and their customer service reps are quick to return emails and calls.

    But if you’re out of province (ahem like me) or international, it takes ALOT more effort to get the ball rolling. For Albertans, your first stop is the drivers registry…in Alberta, pay to get your driver’s record release and then fax it to zipcar. There were complications with my application, took me 2 months to get through. Consult website for specific requirements.

    The ZipCar
    Book online, tap your membership card to the windshield and instant access. Trust me on this: take the time to skim the car manual instructions before you put your pedal to the metal. You’ll thank yourself later when you’re cruising on the highway and trying to locate the temperature dial on the car console (don’t kid yourself – some of these cars especially the hybrids are quite confusing).

    Although conveniently located next to my res building, sometimes the previous zipcar driver is late, which cuts however many minutes out of your reservation.

    Also zipcar claims “using the gas card…you can fill up your Zipcar with free fuel at any gas station.” That’s up for correction, zipcars on campus can only be filled at Esso. That’s not a big deal, Esso is everywhere. But then the gas card gets declined at Esso, one clerk at Esso told me it’s because Zipcar isn’t paying their gas bill. Oh well, I guess everyone gets behind on their bills. Zipcar says that they’ll reimburse you on gas money. Well Zipcar it’s been 2 months, where’s my money?

    My Verdict:
    Overall, Zipcar has got the right idea with its affordable prices, convenient locations and easy accessibility. It’s ideal for students who need the car for a short period of time (yay seymour trips) as compared to other companies who only offer rentals by day. Additionally companies like Enterprise only rent out to 21+. I also really appreciate their “text to extend reservation” feature. They offer pretty good deals such as overnight rates from 6pm to 8:30am for $39. But watch out and read the fine print because 5:30pm to 8:30am is $105. But they still have some minor tuning to do with their services. Btw zipcar offer positions if you need some extra cash. You’ll be in charge of filling gas, taking the car for maintenance and cleaning etc aka making people like me happy. Refer to website for details.

  • Mel Ang 12:50 pm on March 6, 2011 Permalink | Reply  

    Blogger’s Block? 

    1. Making EXTRA use of my season pass during Reading Break
    2. Weekday night snowboarding is the BEST. So empty.
    3. View from my room.
    4. 18th floor Marine Drive
    5. My cousin’s birthday cake, baked from scratch by one of her friends.
    6. My baking skillz. Fail heart for Valentine’s Day.
    7. Posh leftover for Chinese New Year Reunion Dinner
    8. Opening of F21 in Richmond Centre

    Hello world,

    A friend of mine recently reminded me of my neglect to update my blog in the recent weeks. Truth is, I haven’t really been up to much. Reading break was Seattle and Boarding. (I miss the Olympics) But now that school is underway, my life consists of going to class and then going to Koerner. I figured a posts on “best study seats in Koerner” or “why Koerner should have longer hours” doesn’t really interest anyone. But after giving a bit more thought (and with the help of some awesome readers), a blitz of topics come to mind. Look forward in coming weeks for posts on: summer trips, snowboards, zipcar, volunteering in a lab, vancouver advisory panels, housing, Vancouver Sun Run, restaurant reviews.

    That’s right, UBC Blog Squad, I am back!


  • Mel Ang 12:32 am on January 28, 2011 Permalink | Reply  

    Why hello, Arts Career Expo! 

    The entire evening I resisted to urge to introduce myself as a second year arts student, undeclared major. My name tag with “Faculty of Science” seemed to be screaming among the sea of arts this and arts that. Possibly one of only science students attending the event (along with fellow blog squad and Integrated Sciences major Tyler), I had a surprisingly awesome and informative night at the ARTS CAREER EXPO. I initially heard of the event through a friend, the lovely Jonathan Tang aka logistics, who promised me mouth watering, delectable food. A well spent $5, I might add. The evening not only uphold to its promise of delicious goodies, but the panels and speakers definitely captured this science student’s interest.

    I attended: “The social network: Careers in Media and Communications” as well as “I don’t object to careers in law: Careers in Law.

    One of the reason I am blogging about this event is a result to a comment of one of the panelist in the “Social Network” session. Mr. Rick Chung, (Broadcast Journalist, BCIT Broadcast Journalism/CBC Radio-Canada/ was commenting on social media and the use of blogs, more specifically maintaining active blogs. And then it sorta struck me that I, in fact, had a blog. His tips on blogging really gave me some insight and inspiration on updating and adding more life to my own. Although as a science student, the advice on careers in media and communications may not necessarily apply to me directly, I do appreciate the general tips and take home messages of the panelist on networking, which is an asset to any career.

    The session “Careers in Law” made it apparent to me that a career in law is not in my future. Is that weird that I have been to fifty bazillion of this sort of event for careers in health care… Listen to professionals speak on their background, medicine and their jobs, and it NEVER fails to capture my interest every single time. But less than an hour, discussing careers in law and I was so jet set to get out of that room. Don’t get me wrong, the panelists were AMAZING, they did a terrific job and I do respect them and their profession. Their stories were captivating and I am certain that their advice was enjoyed by many participants and pre-law students in the session, but again, just not for me (in the most respectful way). And isn’t this what ACE is all about? Discovering the possibilities- what you are interested in as well as NOT interested in. I am somewhat disappointed that I was unable to attend iKonnect 2011 (the science career event) which fell during the exact same time as ACE (next year iKonnect 2012). But then again, there is only so many ways of saying pre-med. I am going to end with a quote:

    Ask any science student what they hope to pursue after undergrad, 85% of the time, the reply is med school. Ask any art student what they hope to pursue after undergrad, and the possibilities are endless.

    This event really opened my mind to the variety of careers choices with a BA. Thumbs up for the Arts Career Expo! Kudos to the ACE 2011 Student Planning Committee!

  • Mel Ang 6:29 pm on December 15, 2010 Permalink | Reply  

    3 more days, and counting down.

    • Coffee and energy drinks are starting to lose it’s effect.
    • I start to lose track of days. Weekend, weekday. They all mean the same thing. Study.
    • I haven’t seen a world outside of Koerner in weeeeeks!

    In the meantime, have you heard of Like A Little?

    Hilarious website, started out east. Just came to UBC a few days ago. This takes creeping/stalking to the next level. Enjoy!

    • Paulina 1:21 pm on December 19, 2010 Permalink

      LMAO SO FUNNY!!! Thanks for sharing that creeper website!!

  • Mel Ang 5:26 pm on December 5, 2010 Permalink | Reply  

    A Collection of Times Before Finals… 

    Currently at Koerner library. Starving and down to my last orange. Need to go home to make dinner soon, but I refuse to give up my hard earned spot! (Hey I was here as soon as the library opened this morning). Guess everyone here in the silent study area will have to put up with my grumbling tummy. So I realize I haven’t blogged in a while and after 6 straight hours of biology today, I thought I take a productive break from the wonderful world of cell biology and upload a few pictures. There, quick and easy, now it looks like I’ve put some effort into this blog. 🙂 Tis all for now. Good luck with finals everybody! <3

    1. Sunday Morning at Granville Island
    2. Yummy Seafood!
    3. Fisherman’s Wharf, Steveson
    4. First snowfall
    5. I miss the Olympics!
    6. Stayed at Fairmont Hotel, Whistler
    7. This is where I live.
    8. Season Pass to Mt Seymour
    9. Beer Tasting at 12pm
    10. I <3 my blackberry

  • Mel Ang 9:59 pm on October 25, 2010 Permalink | Reply  

    Dear Jusung 

    Stop reading my blog.

  • Mel Ang 12:36 am on October 21, 2010 Permalink | Reply  

    Shopping List: Eggs, Milk, TUTOR 

    Why hello there world! It’s been a while. For the first time in a long time, I’m won’t be spending my night over a textbook or at the basements of Koerner. Because I’m done with midterms ROUND 1. It’s a week break then BAM more midterms then BAM FINALS. It’s pretty much hardcore from here.

    Anyways, a word of advice: AVOID CHEM 233. I got destroyed by the midterm. Like DESTROYED! I don’t think I have ever put in that much effort into a course only to get such a horrible mark. I failed it hardcore and that’s not an asian fail…It’s a FAIL fail. I know a bazillion people looking for tutors about now, so here’s some tips:

    1. You are not stupid because you need a tutor.
    You’re stupid if you are struggling and you don’t get help. Suck up your pride, pass on that new Aritzia coat and invest that money to something more promising: A better mark!
    2. Try the office hours and TAs first.
    Often they might be able to put you in the right direction and answer specific questions. But I find that for that continuous ongoing support, give tutoring a try.
    3. AMS Tutoring.
    Irving 3rd floor. AMS Tutoring From personal experience, it really depends on the other students there… It’s 1 tutor per however many students at a particular table. So it’s hard to get that individual attention when there are 50 different questions at once.
    3. It ain’t cheap.
    So you should shop around to get the best “bang for your buck.” Have you checked the AMS Tutoring Board in the Basement of the SUB, also look in the corresponding faculty building (I see a bunch of Chem Tutoring ads in the Basement of the Chem Bldg). Also check out: AMS Tutor Registry And I know Craigslist is the one sketchy area of the internet you want to avoid, but maybe give it a look Craigslist Tutoring
    4. How to pick?
    Looking at the AMS Tutoring website (link above) they say “Ask the tutor for their references or Conduct an interview”… I find that a little too hardcore and honestly who has that much time when you could be ummm… studying?!?!? Most tutors have websites or reviews online, just google it!

    Anyone know of any other resources, just email them my way. In the meantime, GOOD LUCK everyone! We can do this. On the bright side, Halloween weekend is only 8 days away and Christmas is only 65 days away!

  • Mel Ang 12:09 am on September 30, 2010 Permalink | Reply  

    Happy Thursday! 

    3 quick points that summarize my LIFE at the moment

    1. I can’t believe October is almost here. It’s that time of year again… Tis time to get sick. These days, I’m loaded with neocitran, tylenol and boxes of kleenex. Nothing screams October more than the sound of hackling coughs and sneezes in a lecture. 🙁

    2. Yuck midterms are just around the corner and I will not be defeated again…like last year. I’m starting early. For those taking chem 233, I just wanted to share a quick link: It has some tips on how to come out of the course alive. Hopefully you’ll find it helpful?

    3. Two days left to vote for SUS elections. If you’re in science, you’re already paying some $20 towards SUS. So why not take some ownership of your undergraduate society and vote for YOUR representatives. Voting is tomorrow from 10:30 to 4pm and Friday 11 to 12pm. Results will be posted Friday evening. PS: It wouldn’t hurt to vote me for G.O.

  • Mel Ang 3:44 pm on September 25, 2010 Permalink | Reply  

    GOT MEL? 

    SUS Fall Elections are coming up… Brace yourself for some shameless advertising/campaigning!

    Hello there!

    I see that you are procrastinating from ______ (insert least favourite course here). I understand that _________(insert UBC professor name here) makes you want to explode like ________(insert favourite reactive element here). So let me spare you more hard reading and summarize everything in a non-intimating and super friendly list.

    1. Who are you?

    My name is Melanie Ang (although I respond to Mel, Melly and Smelly) and I’m a second year Integrated Sciences Major. I’m running for the position of GENERAL OFFICER for the upcoming SUS fall elections.

    2. Why should I vote for you?

    If my spiffy campaign poster isn’t quite enough to impress you, I also bring to the table my EXPERIENCE, ENTHUSIASM, APPROACHABILITY and COLLECTION OF SCIENCE SWAG/BLUE FACE PAINT.

    CSP Council Social Coordinator, 2009-2010
    SUS First Year Committee, 2009-2010
    SUS Public Relations Committee, 2009-2010
    Science Week Professor Talent Show MC, 2010
    CSP’s Got Talent MC, 2010
    Frosh Leader, Science Frosh 2010
    MUG Leader, Imagine 2010

    ENTHUSIASM – You can find me on campus belting out science cheers and sporting the infamous blue science facepaint. From ingesting a fair amount of JELLO at Science Week Jello Wresting (anyone up for challenging me this year?) to modeling the latest lab coat designs at the Wet Lab Coat Pageant, I ALWAYS give anything I do 110%!

    APPROACHABILITY – General Officer is a crucial link between science students and their undergraduate society. With Ladha as my second home, combined with my dedication to voicing and listening to students’ concern, vote for someone you can count on. Vote for Melanie.

    COLLECTION OF SCIENCE SWAG/BLUE FACEPAINT – A bazillion pairs of blue jeans (does that count?), 10 blue t-shirts in a variety of shades, 3 pairs of blue shoes, 2 blue sunglasses, 1 pair of blue socks and 1 blue cape….and don’t even get me started about the blue face paint.

    3. How can I vote?

    ANYONE in Science can elect (up to 4) General Officers. Any year and any major. Come on down to the Abdul Ladha Centre from Monday September 24, 2010 to Friday October 1. (Times listed below) Don’t forget to bring your student ID.

    I would like to thank you for considering me as your SUS GENERAL OFFICER and for the chance to share a bit about who I am and what I am passionate about. If you have any questions or just want to say hi, feel free to email me at or stop me on campus. 🙂 Also check out my facebook group:

    Voting Times:

    Monday, September 27 – 10:30am to 2:00pm
    Tuesday, September 28 – 10:30am to 2:00pm
    Wednesday, September 29 – 10:30am to 2:00pm
    Thursday, September 30 – 10:30am to 4:00pm
    Friday, October 1 – 11:00am to 12:00pm

    SUS Candidate Debate:
    Monday, September 27 – 4pm to 6pm

    Candidate list:

    See you around and remember…do you “got mel”?

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