Air Pollution in China

Lately, the air condition in the mid and east parts of China deteriorates. Take Beijing, the capital of China, for example, the city is currently suffering a severe haze when I’m writting this blog. It is the fourth time such weather condition dominates Beijing within this month. According to the investigation, pollutants emitted by industrial plants and automobiles are the major reason. People in Beijing have to wear gauze masks when they go out recently.

Since the economic reform in 1978, the economy of China has been growing at an amazing rate every year. Most people in China have got better accommodation, food and income. But one thing that cannot be denied is that in the process of economic development, the environment in China has been deteriorating all the time. Since more and more Chinese start to realize that environment can affect their quality of life substantially, they’ve been caring much more about the air and water condition. Accordingly, the government of China has been paying an increasing attention to the environment. A lot of evironmental-friendly policies have been made and went into effect, because the govenment gradually knows that if the situation of the deteriorating environment is not controled, it can eventually swallow all the progress made by lauching the ecomomic reform.

Yes, we want a beautiful China. Just as the vice premier of China, Li Keqiang, said to the journalists: New policies must be made and further measures must be taken to solve the environmental problems.

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