Faiza Zia Khan is a Master’s candidate at the UBC  School of Journalism. Her research interests lie in tracking the  contemporary notions of mixed race and ethnicity in the media, in view of changing multicultural landscape of the Canadian society .

Faiza Zia Khan

Faiza Zia Khan

The Mixed Unions in Canada project is part of her Master’s dissertation. After interviewing 32 mixed race couples residing in BC, Alberta, Ontario (Canada) Washington State and California (US) the couples featured on this website were selected to become part of the project.

Every one of them had interesting stories and a life time of experiences that came from a ‘mixed race’ individual’s perspective in Canada and the U.S. The couples selected were chosen from BC as every one out of the 32 couples voted Vancouver to be the city that reflects the true spirit of a multicultural city.

Faiza is part of the team headed by Emmy Award winning producer Peter Klein to produce a documentary on shrimp farming in Thailand for PBS Front Line.

She also interned at Canwest Global Communications Corp,  for Global National with Kevin Newman.

She was the Research Coordinator for BC Health Ministry funded study Wash with Care on the use of pesticides amongst farmers in BC.

Faiza worked with NewsWatch Canada as research assistant for the book Peace Journalism in Times of War published in 2009.

Faiza earned a First Class Honours degree in Communication from Simon Fraser University (SFU) , Burnaby, British Columbia. Her thesis “An Evaluation of Ethnic Media and Audiences in British Columbia” explored multicultural audiences through focus groups and qualitative research methods.

Visit Faiza’s blog for further information

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