Visiting Scholar, Linköping University, TEMA Barn

I am very pleased to be joining my colleagues in the Department of Thematic Studies, Child Studies (TEMA Barn) for the month of April. Bengt Sandin, Karin Zetterqvist Nelson, Johanna Sköld, and Judith Lind are all members of TEMA Barn, not to mention their wonderful graduate students. At TEMA Barn, the emphasis is on sharing research. There is an thoroughly engaging atmosphere of intellectual curiosity, convivial conversation and collaboration. On April 9th, I presented a seminar to the TEMA based on my recent article entitled “Constructing Vulnerability and Producing Vulnerable Children: Sexuality, Innocence and Childhood in Twentieth Century Canada.” I look very much forward to the remaining weeks of research presentations, coffee chats, and intellectual enrichment.

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