Keynote Address at the 38th International Standing Committee on the History of Education, Chicago, August 17 – 20th, 2016

Next week, I travel to Chicago to join my history of education colleagues around the world at the 38th ISCHE conference. This marks a unique opportunity for historians of education from around the world to come together to present their research. The theme of this year’s conference is “Education and the Body.” Over 90 parallel sessions will fill our four day conference.

The conference features daily keynote addresses and I am pleased to offer the first Keynote Address, presented in conjunction with the opening of an exhibit on the body in the history of education at the Newberry Library. My address is entitled “Metaphor, Materiality, and Method: The Central Role of the Body in the History of Education.” The paper reflects on how the body has been instrumental in shaping our histories over the last decades and I extend three “inspiring provocations” to scholars to develop new questions, new theories, and new methods in the field – all based on thinking through and with the body in educational settings.

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