Cultural Jam Assignment: NARS

by PatriciaTjahjadi


NARS has fulfilled the satisfaction of its customers for 24 years and counting. Started from mere lipsticks in the 1994, NARS now provides variety of cosmetic products; from cheek and eyeshadow palettes, face coverage, complete brush set and powders to skin care. Any cosmetic products we are looking for, they have it in a wide range of shades. They offer up to 33 shades of foundation and variations of lipstick choices. Their diverse products makes NARS likable by people of all color and races, proving Fracois Nars’ believe that “philosophy of beauty” is limitless to anyone.

Despite their excellence in delivering variation of high quality products, their process of achieving today’s distinct products has raise awareness to many people regarding animal ethics and welfare. To fulfill safety obligations of their products’ application to customers, NARS admitted that they only did animal testing only if it is required.they commit vivisection; experimentation of live animals for scientific research. In countries such as China where animal testing is compulsory for imported products to be legally sold inside the country, NARS still decided to make their products available in China to fulfill their  importance of “bringing visions of beauty and artistry to fans in the region”. This has caused many customers to question NARS’ company motto. From this case, their reply does not seem to be set on importance of beauty, but to cover the fact that their importance lies on the increasingly profitable Chinese market. In the end, what most companies prioritize most is profit, not ethical means.



The edited version of the picture is intended to highlight the fact that NARS perform vivisection. After years of performing animal testing, I’m pretty sure that scientists have now know what ingredients are safe for our skin. There is no need to perform testing to develop better product to enhance our beauty. The popular phase that “beauty is pain” is meant to be for those who commit plastic surgery to increase their self-esteem in terms of appearance. It is definitely not meant for the infliction of pain and suffering to other animals. For the sake of beauty; Our standard of beauty which meant nothing and does not contribute anything to the well-being of those poor animals.

I added a picture of a rabbit on the right side of the model’s eye to remind us all that the cosmetic used to make that flawless winged eyeliner is in fact tested on many rabbits’ eyes. Hundreds of pair of eyes tormented just so we can look good on our Friday nights. They should not promote the Steven Klein palette as if it was their right to receive all of the recognition. We should pay respect for the deaths of hundreds or thousands of animals to achieve that pallete instead.

I also changed their phrase regarding their philosophy of beauty. Clearly beauty does not indicate only appearance, but the heart as well. The contribution of animal testing in the company obviously showed the exact opposite of beauty. Ugly, rotten and unethical. They promote the wickedness of a selfish company whose only goal is to receive higher profit margin.