Power Through Action

As women’s rights, power and equality are not only being recognized, but encouraged, more motivational groups are showing up in order to empower women. A popular one that has been making the news is Ban Bossy. As this new era of female empowerment and equality is rising, many celebrities such as Beyonce and Jennifer Lawrence are doing their job to advocate for these companies. This obviously does do a great deal in helping average girls and women stand up for what is right, but there is more than just saying you stand up for a cause.

Too much hype is being placed on celebrities and what they are doing out in the open. As a society, this sort of goes against itself because these women still have much more power than any of us average girls will ever have. Shouldn’t we use an example of a non celebrity woman who is actually doing their part to create equality within our society. Debbie Sterling is the first example I think of. She built a play set called GoldieBlox for younger girls to inspire and encourage them to become interested in Engineering.

Her website, Engineergirl.org┬áhas information, games and scholarships in order to provide girls with the confidence and freedom to feel comfortable entering a major that is predominantly overtaken by males. As an Arts major, I wish I was more exposed to these sorts of sources as a child because I do feel as if I was afraid to be different. It is no longer about being the norm, it is about doing what you love and what you’re most passionate about.

I hope that the future brings much more confident and empowered women to be able to do what they please and not what society tells them to do.

To end off on a less scholarly note, Lauren Conrad shows us how inappropriate questions can become a way to set an example for others, not by saying, but by doing. [click here to watch part of the interview]

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