The innocence of Snow White

At the beginning, Snow White is pure and innocent, she lives with the seven dwarves and she is virtuous. Very much like the state of Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden, Snow White is in this state of innocent up until she eats the apple. In a biblical sense, the apple symbolizes identity, choice and freedom. When she eats the apple, one may interpret this as a loss of innocence. In this story, as well as Sleeping Beauty, both need the resurrection of men. With all this in mind, what may this say about the nature of a woman and their sexuality? Also if a child read this version of Snow White, what may they extract and learn from the journey of Snow White?

1 thought on “The innocence of Snow White

  1. Christina Hendricks

    Your presentation really helped spark an interesting discussion in class that day! I like how you’ve shown that Snow White and Sleeping Beauty both need to be resurrected by men, as if that is what will save them in their lives.

    I hadn’t thought about how Snow White would be innocent until eating the apple, though that makes sense. Still, what might her loss of innocence mean in the story? In what way might we say she loses her innocence after eating the apple?

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