History 112: Canada to 1867

What was the most important year in Canadian history? 1867? What happened, and what made that moment so significant for the places Canadians live in today? What makes a historical turning point? What makes a nation?

It depends, of course, on how you look at it. Consider the two photographs above of Canada just before the end of this course. The images, taken at Canada’s opposite coasts, depict different people and very different stories about the history of Canada. One is a classic image of Canada’s founding fathers creating a new nation. The other depicts another nation already there. Neither of these photographs were taken in places that would actually be part of Canada in 1867. The history of Canada includes many, overlapping stories with many beginnings, ends, and turning points in between.

Each week, we will nominate one year as “the most important year in Canadian history”and explore the different historical processes, forces, and accidents that shaped Canadian society, politics, culture, and environment before and after. Lectures, readings, and assignments will examine the ongoing legacies of these important moments in Canadian history.

By the end of the class, students will have a thorough understanding of how a date, like 1867, can shape the way we understand our nation and ourselves.

History 122: Canada since 1867

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