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Jan 27 / chief

First Ever History Slam!

Our first-ever departmental ***History Slam*** will be on Friday February 25, 5 PM and onward, Buchanan Tower 1197.

Comestibles will be served.

A history slam includes readings, showings, and performances of short works that are no more than 10 minutes long and that experiment with the creative possibilities of language and history, broadly conceived. It’s sort of like a poetry slam (only with history), or an improvisational jazz gathering (only not as smoky). It will be an informal, open-format way to present creative historical work to a sympathetic, supportive audience of students and faculty. Don’t worry about having something polished: this is all about works-in-progress.

You can sign up ahead of time and be scheduled, or decide on the spur-of-the-moment to stand up and share your stuff. Maybe you’re experimenting with different ways of thinking about time, or character, or language in your history. Maybe you’re trying out the historical possibilities of images, or sounds, or objects, or smells, or tastes. Maybe you’re trying out different forms of historical writing: can a history take the form of a poem? A menu? A classified ad? A cv? Maybe you’re writing a novel or a screenplay or a song. Maybe you don’t have anything of your own ready, but you’ve just stumbled across a great and inspiring piece by someone else and you want to share it with us. Whatever the case, come join us and play.

A quick note on the format: we’ll have the room until 8, so after we’re all done eating and sharing, anyone who’s interested can stick around to have an informal chat about what just happened, and to continue munching on things.

To sign up for a slot to present your work in advance, contact Carla Nappi ( by 21 February. Please indicate a provisional title (just so I have something tantalizing to put on the program) and whether you need special AV equipment, and I’ll do my best to see what I can magic up. There’s no need to sign up in advance, though. Feel free to come on by and share your stuff spontaneously if Clio moves you.

All are welcome!

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