Lt. Gustl: What are you hiding?


Well, this was an interesting story for me to read. What caught my attention the most was the way the story has been told to us. Instead of it being told by a third person narrator or from a direct first person which would normally consist of the character describing what’s going on around them, we are shown Gustl’s thoughts as they appear, as if we managed to read his mind somehow.

As interesting as this is, it also raises a lot of questions. Since the reader relies so heavily on Gustl’s thoughts to make sense of where he is physically and mentally, how much of his thoughts can the reader really trust? This to me appears to be something that Freud would have a fun time analyzing since he would be able to clearly see Gustl’s concious desire for sex within his thoughts. However, aside from sex, there could be possibly be other things that Gustl isn’t making himself aware of, as Freud would go on to say that what the reader is able to see Gustl think isn’t entirely what is truly in his subconscious as Gustl’s “ego” is possibly keeping some of his true thoughts hidden from the reader, possibly even from Gustl himself.

Again, aside from sexual desires, what could Gustl be hiding from the reader and/or himself that we are not explicitly told? How much of his visible thoughts are truth or censored lies? Is there another way of thinking aside from Freud’s views that could possibly offer another answer?

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