i-Class Card Update

This message is for incoming MBA & MM-ECM students who previously attended UBC and already have a UBCcard.  The UBC Carding Office & UBC Security have just advised us that you no longer need to e-mail our office to obtain your new i-Class card.  There are two options to getting your updated card:

  1.  Students can take their existing, non i-Class card and visit the UBC Parking & Keydesk located at:
    204-2075 Wesbrook Mall in the General Services & Administration Building http://www.maps.ubc.ca/PROD/index_detail.php?show=y,n,n,n,n,y&bldg2Search=n&locat1=018 .  They will then swap them over to the new i-Class card for you.


  2. You can go to the UBC Bookstore carding office http://www.maps.ubc.ca/PROD/index_detail.php?show=y,n,n,n,n,y&bldg2Search=n&locat1=081 with your non i-Class card, but you must remember to identify yourself as a Sauder student. They will only swap to an i-Class card if they know it’s a program where i-Class is required.

Once you have followed one of the two options above and picked up your i-Class card, please take it to HA391 for activation.

NOTE: if you have already e-mailed us, please follow one of the two options above unless otherwise contacted by our office.

 For those students who have not attended UBC before, you simply need to go to the UBC Bookstore http://www.maps.ubc.ca/PROD/index_detail.php?show=y,n,n,n,n,y&bldg2Search=n&locat1=081  to obtain the i-Class card.

All students must know their student number and have at least one picture ID. 

Hopefully this will make things run a bit smoother for the transition to i-Class!

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