Orientation Day 2 – Tuesday, Aug 30

The list of teams for the Ropes Course day (Tuesday, August 30), has been posted on Vista site: Sauder Masters Workshops – 2011 Full Time MBA

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There are two documents, one with the teams and their member names and another that is alphabetical by last name so you can easily look up which team you are on.

On Tuesday, you will be splitting into your teams and going to two different locations around 10:00 am:
Teams 1-12 will be led to the High Ropes course by a facilitator
Teams 13-24 will be led to the Low Ropes course by a facilitator

We ask that you get into your teams quickly in HA 098 and listen for instructions.

NOTE: these teams are for the Tuesday Ropes Course.  You will be put in different teams on Monday for another activity.

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