Attn: International Students – Reminder about ELSS service (tutoring and editing)

Dear International MBA students,

Just a friendly reminder that you are entitled to free tutoring and editing as international Sauder MBA students, up until the end of Period 3 (May 2012).

Please feel free to submit any upcoming assignments, cases, projects or even cover letters/resumes for editing via the dropboxes on the FT MBA 2011 Vista site here:

Home PageProgram ResourcesInternational Student Resources › English Language Support Services

For tutoring requests, please email with your name, tutoring requirements (eg. presentation practice, work on grammar/sentence structure etc.) and your availability and a tutor will be assigned to you shortly after. You will be able to meet with your tutor up to 3 hours per week free of charge.

If you have any further questions about the English Language Student Support Service, please feel free to contact Keira Louis ( or Jenny Chan (

Best regards,


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