UPDATE re: Strategy Consulting Initiative

Dear MBA students,

Recently we made the below post regarding the Strategy Consulting Initiative, a three week program beginning on January 7th, 2012:

Interested in becoming a consultant? Check out the Strategy Consulting Initiative (SCI), an opportunity to gain practical experience consulting a local business on a specific business problem or decision. Get hands on coaching from professional strategy consultants while participating in a real world client engagement. The program is open to upper level Bcom, MM-ECM and MBA students.

Application begins on Monday November 21st 2011.

For more information visit www.ubcconsultingclub.com


1. For those of you attending MBA Games, you may still attend the program if you are interested, and will be given permission to miss the first events on the weekend of January 6th to 8th if your application is successful.

2. You are required to submit an unofficial transcript of your results with your application. Since you won’t have your Core results by Dec 5th (the application close date), you are allowed to submit your undergraduate transcript instead.

For those of you who did your undergrad at UBC, please log onto the SSC to print a copy of your transcript.

For those of you who did your undergrad at a different university, please email mba@sauder.ubc.ca to request a copy of your undergraduate transcript. The front desk ladies will print a copy of your transcript for you, and stamp it with an ‘unofficial’ stamp. Please note that these will be copies only, not originals. In case of an influx of student requests, please allow up to 24 hours turnaround time for the print out of your transcript.

Best regards,

The MBA & ECM Programs Office

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