BAAC 500-BASM 502 and BAHR 507-BAMA 500 EXAMS

The vote is in!  Cohort 9 students have, by majority rule, elected to have the following exam dates:

  1. BAAC 500 & BASM 502 exams/evaluations will remain on Sunday, May 20, 2012 at UBC Robson Square.
  2. BAHR 507 & BAMA 500 exams/evaluations will be as follows:
    BAHR 507 will have a paper due by no later than Sunday, June 24, 2012 and
    BAMA 500 will have an exam on Saturday, June 23, 2012 from 9:00am-12:00pm at UBC Point Grey.

Details about both sets of exams/evaluations will be forwarded to you closer to the exam weekends.  Updated schedules have been posted on Vista.

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