BAMA 580C – Creative Business Thinking: A Nordic Approach – P3 – Space Still Available

Interested in the neurobiology of creativity?  Wondering about what is happening on the European — especially the Nordic business scene?  Thinking about what it might be like to experience a “business studio”?

Then you might want to consider BAMA 580C in Period 3.   It’s happening in the (HA 338) 8:30-12:30pm on Wednesdays.  The instructors are Balder Onarheim and Morten Friis-Olivarius with some assistance from Moura Quayle.  The business studio project will focus on a Nordic company — so this module gives you a chance to build capacity in design in a global business context.

Course Outline

Interested students can register for BAMA 580C via SSC.

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