Overloading or Auditing modules in Period 3

As you begin making preparations for the upcoming Period, you may be thinking about requesting to overload a module in your Period 3 schedule.

You will find the Overloading Policy on your Vista site here: Home Page>Post-Core Modules>Overloading Modules>Overloading Information & Application Process

The online request to overload form can be found here: https://secure.sauder.ubc.ca/mba/overload_request/overload_request.cfm

You will need to have a cumulative grade point average in your Post-Core modules of at least 80% in order to qualify to overload – once you have sent your request we need to wait until your grades from P2 are in prior to confirming any overloads.

Please also note that overloading of modules prior to going on exchange does not exempt students from taking a full course load at their exchange partner school. Our exchange agreements are predicated upon students participating and contributing fully at their exchange partner school, and this includes taking a full course load.

As a reminder, if you are interested in auditing a module in P3, rather than overloading, please note that all auditing of MBA modules is unofficial and there will be no record on your transcript. You will need to approach the instructor directly to receive permission to audit their module, and the instructor will let you know what level of participation will be required of you. Please note that some instructors may not allow auditing due to space restrictions or how the material is taught. Auditors do not have access to the course Vista sites.

Lastly, just a reminder about module selections. If you’re trying to decide between two modules, attend both the first week of class and then make your decision so you don’t miss out on important information.

Any questions? Please email askmba@sauder.ubc.ca. 

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