MBA-CMA Combined Program – change to requirements

We were recently notified by the CMA that, effective for the January 2013 CMA Entry, they have introduced a new requirement for students to have completed a course in Business Law.

BALA 503 Commercial Law in the UBC MBA program will be accepted as an equivalent for this requirement, and if you have taken a Business Law course in your undergraduate degree you can ask the CMA to check if it would qualify as an equivalent as well.

We were only notified of this change last month, and realize that BALA 503 has already taken place in your program. Happily there is another option, which is to take Business Law by CMA self-study. This is a self-study guide that you can purchase through CMABC – the cost is $39.20. They don’t administer exams for these self-study packs – you are given credit for the topic upon purchase of the self-study guide. So if you are planning to complete your CMA requirements and haven’t taken BALA 503 you can purchase the self-study guide instead.

If you have any questions about completing your combined MBA-CMA please contact Theresa Scott at


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