International Students admitted into the UBC MBA Program received an acceptance letter with an estimated tuition amount of $47,472.00.  This amount was based on an anticipated UBC annual increase of 2% in 2011. This increase never came about, resulting in program tuition of $46,541.00 for International Students admitted in 2011.

This has caused some confusion – we would like to clarify that the UBC system is correct and International Students are only being charged the lower tuition amount.

**Please note: The 2% increase was projected for International Students (here on a Student Visa) only and does not affect Domestic Students.

Every year before students are admitted, an estimated tuition breakdown is posted on the Sauder website and the UBC website.  These fees may be adjusted by the University at any time with limited notice.

Click here for tuition information on the Sauder website.
Click here for tuition information on the UBC website.

Tuition Due Dates

For all Full-Time MBA students (both International and Domestic), your final tuition installment is due by no later than September 5th, 2012.

NOTE: As usual, in addition to your tuition, there will also be student-levied fees charged by UBC for each installment. The exact amount of tuition and student-levied fees as well as payment deadline will appear on the Student Service Centre prior to each month that tuition is due.

Information on tuition can also be found on your Vista site under the “Preparation & General Program Information” folder.

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