P5 & P6 Schedule now available!

The P5 & P6 schedule is now available on the Current Students section of the Sauder website, and we have linked there from your Vista site as well.

Registration for Sept-Dec 2012 will open in the 3rd week of July, and we will send you the exact time & date along with all the details in a few weeks.

There are a few modules being taught on the weekend format, and you will find the details for these at the bottom of the schedule pages, above the make-up classes. Course outlines for the P5 & P6 modules are not online now, however we hope to have the majority posted for July. Outlines from last year are still posted however, so if the instructor is the same the outline will likely be similar.

We don’t anticipate many changes to this schedule, but it is always subject to change depending on instructor availability or other exceptional factors.

Theresa Scott is working on updating the specialization sheets according to what is being taught in P5 & P6 and hopes to have these updated for you in a few weeks time as well.

If you have any questions regarding the schedule please direct them to askmba@sauder.ubc.ca. If you would like academic advising regarding what modules to take in the fall please contact theresa.scott@sauder.ubc.ca.

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