CMA – merger information & ramifications for UBC 2nd Year MBA students

A proposed merger between the CA, CGA & CMA has been in the works for some time now, and we’ve just been notified by CMABC that the merger timeline will now happen much more quickly than anticipated. The merger is nation-wide and will see the CA & CMA (the CGA withdrew) join to become the CPA (Chartered Professional Accountants) designation. There is no formal relationship with the CPA in the USA, but they are working on reciprocal agreements.

The effect of this merger for you means that the only opportunity for entry into the existing CMA Accelerated Program will be this January, 2013.

There will not be a September 2013 entry as the existing CMA Accelerated Program will cease to exist after January.

If you have taken the combined CMA/MBA program and wish to pursue the designation you have 2 options:

Option 1 – less expensive and less time
Enter the CMA Accelerated program in January 2013 – you will go through the usual channels for MBA students (fast-tracked):

  1. Accelerated Program
  2. National Entrance Exam & Simulation Series
  3. Case Exam & Prep Series
  4. Board Report Written/Presentation
    Approximate cost for the above is $6,500

Option 2 – more expensive and more time
Enter the new CPA Accelerated Program in Aug-Sept 2013 or afterwards – you will go through the regular channels any student in the program would complete (no fast-track for MBA students). Other program details not known yet, but cost and time will be greater than Option 1.

The above information is not widely public yet – we are notifying you of this change because of the short timeline for planning to enter the January 2013 Accelerated Program.

The CMA will be finalizing all the details for the merger on Oct 3rd, and we will organize for one of their staff to come in and explain all the details to you in mid-October.

In the meantime please consider whether or not you would like to apply for the January 2013 intake and I would encourage you to direct any specific questions to Shannon Thompson at the CMA: – (604) 484-7066

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