For International Students – Post Grad Work Permit

Some of you have started applying already for the Post Graduate Work Permit (PGWP). As before, the main piece of advice that the I-House advisers have for the students is to make sure that your documents are perfectly in order and that you should be well prepared before flagpoling. The I-House advisors encourage students to talk to them before going to the border to get information and get coached on how to communicate with border officers.  Even with the best preparation, the important thing to remember is that in every case, the decision rests with the border officer dealing with that case.

Those students who were hoping to but did not obtain a three year work permit should talk to an advisor at I-House to make sure you prepare well to apply again for a new PGWP for three years. You can do this even while you start to work with the current PGWP.  I-House advises that when you apply, you may wish to write a good cover letter to clearly tell immigration officers about what happened and request a new PGWP to cover  three years. You can request a new letter of completion from the MBA Office.  Students may submit a paper application to Case Processing Center in Vegreville, Alberta.

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