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For deciding what best and worst videos, I believe that the video on “Towards an Uncertain Future” and “Commerce, Coercion, and America’s Empire” are the best ones. This is because both of these videos used various contents such as pictures, media and words from experts. For instance, the video on “Towards an Uncertain Future” had a slide with words, so that it was easier for everyone to follow what presentors were talking about. In addition, a caption and a explanation using footage on actual news helped me to grab the sense of what they were trying to explain. Later in the video, the presenter explained about a situation of what is occurring by using an animation which helped me to know what was described. In terms of the video on “Commerce, Coercion, and America’s Empire”, I thought this was good because it was using a actual footage and a photograph of a person to explain concepts. Plainly speaking about a topic may be a bit difficult, but with a visual, it makes it easier for people to understand what is going on. In sum, both of these videos had footages and photographs and some animations in order to explain their respective topics.

For deciding which are the worst videos, I thought that “Speaking Truth to the Power” and “Caudillos Versus the Nation state” were not as good as the video that I talked about above. The major differences I noticed between them were that they had no visuals and presenters just kept on talking about certain topics. Introducing topics are great but, in my opinion, it is easier for people to understand if there are photographs or maps to explain certain concepts because videos are made in order to provide information. The videos I talked about above had actual footage and photographs during explanation, so I had easier time understanding the topic and also it did not make me bored watching the video because it had visuals. Therefore, the big difference between good and bad videos were about having a visuals such as actual footage, media and photographs during explanation. The video on “Towards an Uncertain Future” and “Commerce, Coercion, and America’s Empire” had those things, but the video on “Speaking Truth to the Power” and “Caudillos Versus the Nation state”did not have any visuals when presenters were trying to explain the concepts, which is the reason why I thought it was not good.

3 thoughts on “Latin America video on videos

  1. CennediMills

    I completely agree with the comments you made on the “bad” videos. I also found that the videos that incorporated video footage, maps and photos made the commentary much more engaging. The presentations that lacked these components did not catch my interest as much as the others.

  2. Samy Megalli

    Yusuke, I agree with you about the use of visual aids to greatly improve the videos; without them they can become quite boring.

  3. megan mcevoy

    I also agree with you about the visual aids because they make the video more compelling for people to continue to watch.


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