… to Digital Game Based Learning for Adults. This is a week long, self-paced, exploration within an emerging educational technology market.

Are you ready to rumble? Are you game? What’s in the cards for the week?

To make the most of your gaming experience, try to stick to the plan below:

  1. Watch the Pitch.
  2. Check out the Theory.
  3. Head to the Experience.
  4. See what the team recommends for learning entertainment under Team Picks.
  5. Check out the New Directions.
  6. Leave us with a few words (literally) on where your crystal ball is telling you the future of digital game-based learning for adults is headed. Please post this contribution to our New Directions reply section.

To help you keep track of your tasks for the week, feel free to refer to the task manager below. The details on each task can be found within the other pages.

Seems simple enough. Now game on.

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